Caring for Your Trees during a Heatwave

As the UK goes through a powerful heatwave, it’s important to think about our gardens and plants. Sure, the browning lawn gets all the attention, but what about the trees?

They can suffer just as much in the heat, and provide a lot of different elements to a garden, from privacy to aesthetics. Here’s how to care for your trees during a heatwave.

Danger of Heat to Trees

It’s logical to think that plenty of sun is only ever going to be good for plants that depend on photosynthesis for sustenance, but too much sun and heat can be a real danger to trees. Trees can seem incredibly strong and solid, but even they can suffer during an intense heatwave, and it’s up to you to keep them as healthy as possible.

Essentially, trees need the right balance of water, temperature, and sun, and when that’s skewed too far in one direction, it causes major problems. From shedding leaves to falling branches to trees dying, there’s plenty of problems that dry, hot weather causes. Don’t worry though, there’s also a few, effective things that you can do to keep your trees healthy and strong through the heat.

Warning Signs

When it comes to warning signs, trees give off plenty of signs themselves, from falling or browning leaves, to brittle branches, which are straightforward to keep an eye on. Another area you need to pay attention to is the soil around the base of the tree.

If the soil has become dry and sandy, that’s likely to be causing the tree some problems, as it struggles to get the moisture it needs to properly nourish itself.

Keep Them Healthy

You might be surprised at how effective a few of these ideas can be. Sure, you’re not going to bring a near-dead tree back from the brink, but for trees that are showing signs of being affected by the heatwave, these tips can do them a lot of good.

Watering is always going to be number one in a heatwave for all plants. Just getting the hose out and making sure the moisture around the base of the tree is nice and moist will help the tree deal with the heat.

Another tip for keeping the soil damp is putting down some mulch around the tree. This will insulate the soil, keeping moisture in and providing more nourishment for the tree.

Get those few things done, and you’ll be surprised at how beneficial they are to the tree. You have them looking right in no time, making sure you’ve still got plenty of shade in the sun.


If your trees are a little overgrown, blocking light or simply in need of shaping, get in touch with your qualified local tree surgeons and get your garden looking exactly the way you want it too.

A trained and experienced tree surgeon will be able to trim and shape your tree getting it looking healthy and exactly how you want it to, which can really enhance the look and feel of your garden.

Got a Unique Garden? There’s a Fence for That!

So you’re someone with real home, or should I say, garden pride. You’ve designed, tweaked and enhanced your garden over the last couple years, and now, as we sit in the best bit of the summertime, you’re thinking about finishing it off nicely with a new fence.

But therein lies the problem! Your garden is unique! A marvel of your own designs and nature, and no simple fence could ever match up, right? You simply can’t put your garden in a box! Right? Wrong! With so many different fence options out there, you’re sure to find the right one for your masterpiece. With a huge variety of materials, styles and options, as well as customisations available, the right fence for your garden is just around the corner, and just in time for summer, too.

First off you’ve got to remember why you’re getting a fence. The benefits to having a quality fence around your garden are solid and very useful. From keeping the kids and pets safely enclosed, to blocking irritating traffic and road noise, to ramping up your home security, quality fencing can do a lot for your garden and property, and that’s not even going into the aesthetic benefits. Aesthetically fencing can really frame a garden, and even set it off with a nice contrasting pastel shade. There’s a lot of options out there…

Fences for More Traditional Gardens?

If yours is a more traditional type of garden, with lots of neatly trimmed lines, shaped trees, pongs and other classical features, you might want to consider an older, more traditional style of fence. Obviously the dream is always going to be a brick wall, but brick walls cost well into the thousands, and why bother when you can get the same effect for much less cost? Some redwood panelling fence, or even classic picket fences can look beautiful next to a more traditional garden.

Maybe a More Modern Design?

Perhaps your garden is a much more modern affair. Maybe a little Asiatic looking, with water features, pebbling, concrete and sharp lines? We’ve got just the thing for you! With so many different materials for fencing out there, you can always find a material that’s just as modern looking as the rest of your garden, for example, decorated concrete, or vinyl fences. There’s no need to go with boring old wood!

What about Those Wild Gardens?

Sometimes the best gardens are those that are just free and wild, just lightly maintained. More like a backyard jungle. Great for the kids to play in, and explore, and always unique looking. What kind of fence should you look at getting for this sort of garden? Something sturdy, like a panel board fence, which’ll last absolute decades, and provide great security. What’s more, depending on the wood chosen and the finish, the right fence can take on the colour palate of the garden, meaning that after a few years, you get a wild looking fence that matches everything else!

Why You Should Get Your Trees Sorted in Time for Summer

Summers just around the corner, finally. It’s been a long boring grey winter for most of the UK, one with a distinct lack of any real snow or frost, and mostly just rain and cold temperatures. We’re all desperate for a bit of sun, and warmth, and it’s not too far away. BBQs, beaches and garden parties are all a couple months away, but before you start throwing those gatherings, you need to make sure your gardens in order.
Trees can do one of two things for a garden. They can shelter, colour and enhance a garden, making it both private and quiet, as well as filling it with singing birds and inquisitive squirrels. On the other hand, it can turn an otherwise pleasant outdoor space into an impenetrable, dark and mossy jungle. It’s all about finding that balance. Here’s some things getting your trees sorted will do for you.

Make it Look All Pretty

Okay, this is the most obvious, but it’s very true. Tree’s, especially healthy ones can make a garden look really, really beautiful. They give a sweeping, tall and majestic backdrop, rising high into the air, and turning an otherwise flat and 2D garden into a spectacular open space. What’s more is that many trees are flowering, which can look fantastic. They block out otherwise urban views, and make a garden look like bona fide British countryside, which is perfect for your gatherings, and just requires a quick visit from a professional tree surgeon.

Give Your Garden Some Shelter and Privacy

Okay, so sadly it’s not shelter from too much sun here in the UK, but giving your garden a bit of shelter from the weather can be no bad thing, especially the wind. Trees can turn a blustery warm day into a much more pleasant afternoon out reading in the garden.
On top of that, trees block out both sound and view to and from the house. This means you can have loads of privacy to have noisy gatherings, without people being able to peer in, or hear too much. Similarly, if you live near a busy road, trees can block some of that constant barrage of road noise and passers-by, and make your garden infinitely more tranquil and secluded feeling.

Encourage Beautiful Wildlife, and Flora

Gardens without a few birds fluttering around and singing aren’t really gardens. Wildlife colours and enhances a garden, and without trees, the birds and squirrels have nowhere to go. Not only do trees give you more obvious wildlife like birds and squirrels, but you can also expect better flowers and other growth, thanks to the now enhanced local ecosystem of birds and insects.

Just Get Some Tree Surgeons In

Sorting your gardens trees does not have to be a big ordeal either. Getting a team of professional skilled tree surgeons in is absolutely no hassle, and won’t break the bank. They’ll be in and out of your garden before you know it, and then you’ll be totally summer ready!

How to Safely Remove Dead Trees

Dead trees are ugly, unhelpful and potentially dangerous things to have around. Their bare lack of leaves can make your garden look dead and wintery; even at the height of summer, and that’s just one of the aesthetic concerns. Imagine you’ve got a large dead tree with limbs overhanging the house or garage, or perhaps where you regularly park the car? That’s going to be a big bill if that limb ever snaps off and comes loose. This is why you need to get rid of dead trees. While it’s still fresh, the wood can be great for bonfires, indoor fires and woodworking projects, but only if you get to it before rot completely sets in. However, you should always appreciate that there are jobs and projects that fall outside the boundaries of what’s DIY possible. Sometimes, you do need to call in the experts.

Trees can be huge, heavy structures that can easily total a car, or destroy a roof. Their root structures can completely undermine and destroy buildings, and they frequently stop traffic after storms. There’s a reason lumberjacks shout ‘timber’, and that reason is safety. If you doubt you can take a tree down safely, don’t risk your property or health, call in the experts, it’ll be cheaper than you might expect! We’re going to outline what you should do, and how to evaluate the removal of your dead trees.

The main thing to bear in mind is whether or not it lies within your abilities to remove this tree. If it’s a smaller, younger tree, out in the middle of nowhere with plenty of room to fall, you should think about going ahead and trying your hand. You might need to invest in equipment like chainsaws and the relevant safety kit, ropes, and a little bit of research and preparation. Don’t forget to have a plan for the wood when you’re done! Also, don’t underestimate how long it can take to cut a tree down, it’s definitely a full weekends work, and you might want to get some beers in the fridge and have a few buddies over to help. Another tricky point is what to do with the remaining stump. We’ll go over a few ideas later on.

If the tree is huge, collapsing and dangerous, you should call in the experts. If it overhangs somebody else’s property, or your home or garage, then you should call in the experts. There are safety concerns and issues that simply don’t bear thinking about for your average DIYer. Stay safe, save money, call in a great tree surgeon.

Once your dead tree is gone, there’s really only one thing left to think about; what to do with the stump! Now, there are plenty of options here, but tree stumps, especially big ones, are very difficult to remove. You can hire specialist tree surgeons to remove it or cut it down with heavy machinery, or employ a chainsaw artist to carve it into a pretty feature in your garden. You could always just leave it like a seat or a table in your garden too! If you do a little research, you’ll find there are tons of options and ideas out there.

What to Look For in a Good Tree Surgery Service

When it comes to selecting the right tree surgery service for your garden’s needs, there are a number of key things you need to bear in mind to make sure you don’t end up with a sub-standard service. Ranging from quality of service, to how well the job in question executed, these are key things that you’ll find very useful when making sure you have the smoothest and best tree surgery experience.

At its core, tree surgery is quintessential for any functional useful garden. When it comes to the health of your trees, you really can’t scrimp, getting the perfect company in to do a great job can guarantee the solidity, health and functionality of your garden, as well as reassuring you that you’re not going to have to deal with any dead or dying trees falling and damaging your house, garage, car etc. Tree surgery really pays for itself in the end, but making sure you can get the right service can be tricky, so that’s why we’ve written out this handy guide.


As with any service or company, reputation is absolutely everything. You need to know you’re getting honest, reliable, skilled and dependable workers in to do a great job and really, finding out about a tree surgery services reputation is the best and easiest way to do that. There are a couple of ways to find out everything you need to know.

Obviously the clearest and easiest way is asking around. Word of mouth is always going to be the best and most believable review out there, because people generally don’t lie or push an agenda or bias in person. Talking to people in your local area, finding out who did whose tree surgery jobs and whether or not they did a great service or not is essential.

The other great way to find out about a company’s rep is going online. Reading through some of the vast swathes of amateur and professional reviews out there can give you a really great feel for the quality and reliability of service you can expect. Beware though, companies, businesses and services are always going to showcase amazing reviews on their websites, you need to find impartial, unbiased reviewers. Things to look out for are reliability, quality of job done, price, quality of service and whether or not they stuck within the agreed time frame.

Knowledge and Pricing

Another couple key things to bear in mind are knowledgeability and pricing. Obviously you need to know you’re working with a group that really knows their stuff. Tree diseases, shaping and servicing are a vast and varied not to mention complex area that you need to know you’ve got the best trained and experienced people dealing with. Trees are special, they shape and define gardens, not to mention ecosystems, you need to right people to service them. In terms of pricing, it’s a simple case of comparing your top few tree surgery companies in your area, till you find the best balance of competitive pricing, skill and reputation out there.

Why You Should Use a Professional Tree Surgeon and Not DIY

Trees require maintenance, for a variety of reasons. Maybe parts of them are dead, maybe they’re blocking sunlight to your house, or maybe they’re sheltering your garden too much. Whatever the reason, you’re in need of a good quality tree surgeon. While it is an investment, hiring a professional does save you from all manner of potential mishaps and issues, should you attempt the job yourself. There’s a lot of things that can go wrong when it comes to tree surgery and modification. Sometimes, it’s best to bring in the professionals.

Don’t Kill Your Tree

Against the common wisdom, trees can be killed by something as simple as removing a large branch in the wrong place. As well as this you can leave the tree exposed to potentially deadly and damaging tree diseases, diseases that could even spread to other trees in yours and other nearby gardens. Tree surgeons understand the nature of their work, and appreciate how to care for a tree during and after the surgery. You really don’t want to lose what could be one of the defining features of your garden.

Big, Falling Branches

Let’s recap, you’re high up in your tree, hacking bits off, when you suddenly realise the part you’ve just cut off overhangs your garage slightly. Big, new, costly hole in your roof. This is not an unlikely circumstance, and due to the huge, splaying nature of trees, is pretty hard to avoid. Tree surgeons use techniques, climbing skill and planning to avoid this sort of mishap, so unless you’re prepared to do a lot of research and preparation, or else deal with big holes in your roofs, or the occasional destroyed car or fence, you should probably look at getting the professionals out.

Falling in General, Actually

When was the last time you actually climbed a tree? For most people, the answer is when they were a kid. You’re not a kid now. This could prove to be a very foolish endeavour. Think about how high you generally see tree surgeons climbing, to execute a good job. You don’t have the climbing harnesses or lightweight chainsaws they favour either. Falling from any kind of height, and the ensuing injuries are almost always going to be more costly than simply getting the pros out to your garden.

Making the Tree Look Good

Trees cut at strange angles, or with vast random swathes of branches and vegetation missing look strange and unbalanced and can spoil the look of your garden. While you might just get the job done, we can pretty much guarantee it will not look natural, at best. At worst it could be the garden equivalent of a terrible haircut. Either in need of a fresh cut, or taking a long while to grow out. Tree surgeons make a living from re-sculpting the overall shape of people’s trees, and leaving them looking natural and untouched is a key part of the work. It takes a degree of skill to be able to decide which branches to cut where, from an angle where you literally can’t see the forest for the trees, no matter how many instruction manuals and tutorials you read, you aren’t going to suddenly get this skill.

5 Ways To Improve Your Garden This Summer

We do not want to shout this too loudly just yet (or maybe at all), but after enjoying a couple of days of sunnier, warmer weather and not experiencing any of the wet stuff that we have had for 5 months now, we think that the summer months may well just be around the corner.

If we are right, then you still have a bit of time left to sort your garden out and get it ready for the few months of the year where you should get a decent chance to enjoy it. But, there are many things to do to your garden if you really want to enjoy it, with a few quick and cheap wins but also some more drastic measures should your garden be a bit … worse for wear.

So, without further ado, we present 5 ways to improve your garden this summer and make it something that you can be really proud of, and of course, enjoy with your family.

Your Trees And Hedges

If the large garden tree is dying and almost falling down, or your hedges are overgrown and just looking tacky, now is the time to really think about getting a local tree surgeon to come and quote you happy, as looking at this when you are trying to enjoy a glass of wine on a summers evening is just no fun. Trees and hedges need looking after, cutting back and basically maintaining, else they can quickly take over the garden in terms of growth or just end up looking totally miserable, so this is a good start when it comes to getting your garden back in order.

A New Fence

A nice new fence not only looks great, but it also adds a new level of security to your property and of course value, as those little things that create a first impression can add extra pounds when it comes to the value of your home. Tired, tatty and falling down fences are not a great visual aspect, for either you or your neighbours, so getting a new fence that looks great and will stand the test of time is a very cost effective investment if you want to not only improve your garden, but also improve the whole look and appearance of your whole property.

How About Some Decking?

If you have the room then installing some decking makes your garden look amazing, and whilst we would recommend you get the professionals into design and install something, having a nice decking area where you can sit and watch world go by on a summers evening is a lovely feeling. Decking structures do not have to be massively expensive and indeed you can do them yourself if you have the time and skill, but if you get the right look and feel and you go down the treated route, you will have something you can use (and look at!) for many years to come.

New Features

From a small patio through to a flowing pond with mini waterfalls, some extra garden features might be just what you are looking for. Maybe a designated seating area under a few trees, or a mini water feature that you can listen to as you eat your dinner under the setting sun, it can be worth implementing a few features into your garden to really increase your enjoyment of your garden and start to enjoy it more.

A New Design

So, if all of the above does not really float your boat and you just think you need something more, you might consider basically starting again and going for a whole new design. Getting a garden landscaper in is your first step to design something that is going to be amazing, as they can then also source all of the local tradespeople that you are going to need to turn your garden into the place to be this summer. Whilst the most expensive option we talk about, and the most drastic, there just comes a time when little things here and there just won’t do, or the property just needs a big change, and there are few bigger changes than a whole new garden!

5 Ways To Make Sure A Tree Surgeon Is Right For Your Commercial Requirements

Choosing a tree surgeon is no easy feat because they must have a wide range of training and lots of experience in order to do a good, safe and quality job and that is without even thinking about all the other elements you must consider such as safety, insurance and costings.

If you are looking at hiring a tree surgeon for your commercial needs, you need to ensure they not only know what they are doing but that they will do it safely. Tree surgery is an extremely dangerous skill and art which requires the use of machinery that has the capacity to injure or kill if it is not used correctly. The work often takes places above the ground and can take place in difficult weather conditions, adding even more danger to the project. So it really does go without saying that a real expert is what your company needs.

With this in mind, there are some main considerations you need to focus on when it comes to selecting the right tree surgeon for your commercial needs.

Qualifications And Knowledge….

You should expect your tree surgeon to have professional qualifications and training relating to arboriculture which is the experience and knowledge required to correctly diagnose issues with a tree and to make safe and suitable recommendations for management. The qualifications a person can obtain vary from basic certificates, to degrees and diplomas. A person may also have particular expertise in one area of arboriculture.


A tree surgeon should have a certificate of competence so show they are trained and able to complete various jobs related to the job. Chainsaw use, tree climbing, risk assessments and manual handling are all certificates a tree surgeon can and should hold as in the UK training in certain areas of this particular job are mandatory. Safety should be of paramount concern to your company when you are selecting a tree surgeon.


Perhaps a tree surgeon you are considering is fully qualified, but how much experience do they have actually doing the job? Tree surgery is a skill and there really is nothing better than spending a long time on the job in order to get a true grip on how to do it well. A trainee tree surgeon should spend at least five years learning whilst being supervised and as part of a larger team before moving into any work along. You should also check the tree surgeon has experience in the areas you require. For example: small shrubs may have been their main area of focus during training and the jobs you need doing relate to mature trees.


You should never, ever, ever use a tree surgeon who is uninsured. You should always ask to see their insurance which should cover public liability and employer’s liability as well as professional indemnity.


Regardless of the training and experience a tree surgeon has, recommendations do count, so if a colleague, friend or family member can recommend someone who has done a great job, you should place value on that recommendation. Tree surgeons know a lot of their work comes from an excellent reputation so they will work hard to maintain that.


The more research you do, the more of an informed decision you can make. Getting tree surgery is never cheap, but it is a specialised industry, your priority needs to be making sure you are actually paying money to a specialised. Never take their word for anything and ask to see proof of all qualifications, certificates and insurance so you have a paper trail to prove you have done your checks if you get audited. Any reputable tree surgeon will be proud of their paperwork and want to show you all of their accreditations.

Tree Surgery – Autumn Changes

Autumn is the season after the summer which prepares us and the landscape for the winter months ahead. The long sunny warm days are replaced with shorter cooler days, the evenings draw in and the jumpers come out!

Probably one of the biggest giveaways that autumn has arrived concerns the landscape and trees all around us. Many trees will lose their leaves in readiness for their winter rest, whereas others will proudly adorn leaves in colours of red, brown, orange and yellow as the usual shades of green temporarily disappear.

Trees that lose all of their leaves in the autumn are known as deciduous trees. Trees that don’t lose their leaves are known as evergreen trees.  Thanks to tree surgeon herefordshire for this information!

Plenty of work to be done!

You may have the impression that as trees start to take the transition into their winter state of rest, so do tree surgeons – this could not be further from the truth!

So, what do tree surgeons do during the autumn?

Pruning – All trees require pruning, some more regular than others. Late autumn is the perfect window for pruning as it gives the trees time to gradually adjust to the change in temperatures before the next spring growth spurt. In addition, as most leaves will have dropped it is much easier to see how much needs cutting back.

Health checks – Unusually discoloured and misshapen leaves can be a sign of disease. With fewer leaves a tree surgeon can identify disease, spotting the inconsistencies a lot easier. Any fungal growths on the trunk or branches are more evident, allowing the tree surgeon to treat accordingly.

Preventing problems – Fallen leaves also expose crossed branches which may need intervention before they cause any damage. Not only do they compromise the structure and shape of the tree, if they are left to rub together during periods of high winds they can create vulnerable spots on the tree for fungal spores or virus’ to take up residence.

You will need to call a tree surgeon if your tree has low unstable branches which could cause damage if the weather takes a turn for the worst. They can take the necessary steps to ensure that the tree and surrounding area remains safe.

For those of us that enjoy pottering around the garden, straightforward maintenance jobs can be undertaken by the homeowner. For any job that is more than low maintenance seek the expertise of your local tree surgeon. Whether your trees require attention due to weather damage, or if you think your trees are in need of some expert preparation for the winter months, tree surgeons will be happy to accommodate.

It is also worth remembering that the skills of a tree surgeon are valuable all year round. From planting, pruning, felling and crowning to saving weather damaged trees, if you need advice contact a professional.