5 Ways To Improve Your Garden This Summer

We do not want to shout this too loudly just yet (or maybe at all), but after enjoying a couple of days of sunnier, warmer weather and not experiencing any of the wet stuff that we have had for 5 months now, we think that the summer months may well just be around the corner.

If we are right, then you still have a bit of time left to sort your garden out and get it ready for the few months of the year where you should get a decent chance to enjoy it. But, there are many things to do to your garden if you really want to enjoy it, with a few quick and cheap wins but also some more drastic measures should your garden be a bit … worse for wear.

So, without further ado, we present 5 ways to improve your garden this summer and make it something that you can be really proud of, and of course, enjoy with your family.

Your Trees And Hedges

If the large garden tree is dying and almost falling down, or your hedges are overgrown and just looking tacky, now is the time to really think about getting a local tree surgeon to come and quote you happy, as looking at this when you are trying to enjoy a glass of wine on a summers evening is just no fun. Trees and hedges need looking after, cutting back and basically maintaining, else they can quickly take over the garden in terms of growth or just end up looking totally miserable, so this is a good start when it comes to getting your garden back in order.

A New Fence

A nice new fence not only looks great, but it also adds a new level of security to your property and of course value, as those little things that create a first impression can add extra pounds when it comes to the value of your home. Tired, tatty and falling down fences are not a great visual aspect, for either you or your neighbours, so getting a new fence that looks great and will stand the test of time is a very cost effective investment if you want to not only improve your garden, but also improve the whole look and appearance of your whole property.

How About Some Decking?

If you have the room then installing some decking makes your garden look amazing, and whilst we would recommend you get the professionals into design and install something, having a nice decking area where you can sit and watch world go by on a summers evening is a lovely feeling. Decking structures do not have to be massively expensive and indeed you can do them yourself if you have the time and skill, but if you get the right look and feel and you go down the treated route, you will have something you can use (and look at!) for many years to come.

New Features

From a small patio through to a flowing pond with mini waterfalls, some extra garden features might be just what you are looking for. Maybe a designated seating area under a few trees, or a mini water feature that you can listen to as you eat your dinner under the setting sun, it can be worth implementing a few features into your garden to really increase your enjoyment of your garden and start to enjoy it more.

A New Design

So, if all of the above does not really float your boat and you just think you need something more, you might consider basically starting again and going for a whole new design. Getting a garden landscaper in is your first step to design something that is going to be amazing, as they can then also source all of the local tradespeople that you are going to need to turn your garden into the place to be this summer. Whilst the most expensive option we talk about, and the most drastic, there just comes a time when little things here and there just won’t do, or the property just needs a big change, and there are few bigger changes than a whole new garden!