Got a Unique Garden? There’s a Fence for That!

So you’re someone with real home, or should I say, garden pride. You’ve designed, tweaked and enhanced your garden over the last couple years, and now, as we sit in the best bit of the summertime, you’re thinking about finishing it off nicely with a new fence.

But therein lies the problem! Your garden is unique! A marvel of your own designs and nature, and no simple fence could ever match up, right? You simply can’t put your garden in a box! Right? Wrong! With so many different fence options out there, you’re sure to find the right one for your masterpiece. With a huge variety of materials, styles and options, as well as customisations available, the right fence for your garden is just around the corner, and just in time for summer, too.

First off you’ve got to remember why you’re getting a fence. The benefits to having a quality fence around your garden are solid and very useful. From keeping the kids and pets safely enclosed, to blocking irritating traffic and road noise, to ramping up your home security, quality fencing can do a lot for your garden and property, and that’s not even going into the aesthetic benefits. Aesthetically fencing can really frame a garden, and even set it off with a nice contrasting pastel shade. There’s a lot of options out there…

Fences for More Traditional Gardens?

If yours is a more traditional type of garden, with lots of neatly trimmed lines, shaped trees, pongs and other classical features, you might want to consider an older, more traditional style of fence. Obviously the dream is always going to be a brick wall, but brick walls cost well into the thousands, and why bother when you can get the same effect for much less cost? Some redwood panelling fence, or even classic picket fences can look beautiful next to a more traditional garden.

Maybe a More Modern Design?

Perhaps your garden is a much more modern affair. Maybe a little Asiatic looking, with water features, pebbling, concrete and sharp lines? We’ve got just the thing for you! With so many different materials for fencing out there, you can always find a material that’s just as modern looking as the rest of your garden, for example, decorated concrete, or vinyl fences. There’s no need to go with boring old wood!

What about Those Wild Gardens?

Sometimes the best gardens are those that are just free and wild, just lightly maintained. More like a backyard jungle. Great for the kids to play in, and explore, and always unique looking. What kind of fence should you look at getting for this sort of garden? Something sturdy, like a panel board fence, which’ll last absolute decades, and provide great security. What’s more, depending on the wood chosen and the finish, the right fence can take on the colour palate of the garden, meaning that after a few years, you get a wild looking fence that matches everything else!