How to Safely Remove Dead Trees

Dead trees are ugly, unhelpful and potentially dangerous things to have around. Their bare lack of leaves can make your garden look dead and wintery; even at the height of summer, and that’s just one of the aesthetic concerns. Imagine you’ve got a large dead tree with limbs overhanging the house or garage, or perhaps where you regularly park the car? That’s going to be a big bill if that limb ever snaps off and comes loose. This is why you need to get rid of dead trees. While it’s still fresh, the wood can be great for bonfires, indoor fires and woodworking projects, but only if you get to it before rot completely sets in. However, you should always appreciate that there are jobs and projects that fall outside the boundaries of what’s DIY possible. Sometimes, you do need to call in the experts.

Trees can be huge, heavy structures that can easily total a car, or destroy a roof. Their root structures can completely undermine and destroy buildings, and they frequently stop traffic after storms. There’s a reason lumberjacks shout ‘timber’, and that reason is safety. If you doubt you can take a tree down safely, don’t risk your property or health, call in the experts, it’ll be cheaper than you might expect! We’re going to outline what you should do, and how to evaluate the removal of your dead trees.

The main thing to bear in mind is whether or not it lies within your abilities to remove this tree. If it’s a smaller, younger tree, out in the middle of nowhere with plenty of room to fall, you should think about going ahead and trying your hand. You might need to invest in equipment like chainsaws and the relevant safety kit, ropes, and a little bit of research and preparation. Don’t forget to have a plan for the wood when you’re done! Also, don’t underestimate how long it can take to cut a tree down, it’s definitely a full weekends work, and you might want to get some beers in the fridge and have a few buddies over to help. Another tricky point is what to do with the remaining stump. We’ll go over a few ideas later on.

If the tree is huge, collapsing and dangerous, you should call in the experts. If it overhangs somebody else’s property, or your home or garage, then you should call in the experts. There are safety concerns and issues that simply don’t bear thinking about for your average DIYer. Stay safe, save money, call in a great tree surgeon.

Once your dead tree is gone, there’s really only one thing left to think about; what to do with the stump! Now, there are plenty of options here, but tree stumps, especially big ones, are very difficult to remove. You can hire specialist tree surgeons to remove it or cut it down with heavy machinery, or employ a chainsaw artist to carve it into a pretty feature in your garden. You could always just leave it like a seat or a table in your garden too! If you do a little research, you’ll find there are tons of options and ideas out there.