Why You Should Get Your Trees Sorted in Time for Summer

Summers just around the corner, finally. It’s been a long boring grey winter for most of the UK, one with a distinct lack of any real snow or frost, and mostly just rain and cold temperatures. We’re all desperate for a bit of sun, and warmth, and it’s not too far away. BBQs, beaches and garden parties are all a couple months away, but before you start throwing those gatherings, you need to make sure your gardens in order.
Trees can do one of two things for a garden. They can shelter, colour and enhance a garden, making it both private and quiet, as well as filling it with singing birds and inquisitive squirrels. On the other hand, it can turn an otherwise pleasant outdoor space into an impenetrable, dark and mossy jungle. It’s all about finding that balance. Here’s some things getting your trees sorted will do for you.

Make it Look All Pretty

Okay, this is the most obvious, but it’s very true. Tree’s, especially healthy ones can make a garden look really, really beautiful. They give a sweeping, tall and majestic backdrop, rising high into the air, and turning an otherwise flat and 2D garden into a spectacular open space. What’s more is that many trees are flowering, which can look fantastic. They block out otherwise urban views, and make a garden look like bona fide British countryside, which is perfect for your gatherings, and just requires a quick visit from a professional tree surgeon.

Give Your Garden Some Shelter and Privacy

Okay, so sadly it’s not shelter from too much sun here in the UK, but giving your garden a bit of shelter from the weather can be no bad thing, especially the wind. Trees can turn a blustery warm day into a much more pleasant afternoon out reading in the garden.
On top of that, trees block out both sound and view to and from the house. This means you can have loads of privacy to have noisy gatherings, without people being able to peer in, or hear too much. Similarly, if you live near a busy road, trees can block some of that constant barrage of road noise and passers-by, and make your garden infinitely more tranquil and secluded feeling.

Encourage Beautiful Wildlife, and Flora

Gardens without a few birds fluttering around and singing aren’t really gardens. Wildlife colours and enhances a garden, and without trees, the birds and squirrels have nowhere to go. Not only do trees give you more obvious wildlife like birds and squirrels, but you can also expect better flowers and other growth, thanks to the now enhanced local ecosystem of birds and insects.

Just Get Some Tree Surgeons In

Sorting your gardens trees does not have to be a big ordeal either. Getting a team of professional skilled tree surgeons in is absolutely no hassle, and won’t break the bank. They’ll be in and out of your garden before you know it, and then you’ll be totally summer ready!