Why You Should Use a Professional Tree Surgeon and Not DIY

Trees require maintenance, for a variety of reasons. Maybe parts of them are dead, maybe they’re blocking sunlight to your house, or maybe they’re sheltering your garden too much. Whatever the reason, you’re in need of a good quality tree surgeon. While it is an investment, hiring a professional does save you from all manner of potential mishaps and issues, should you attempt the job yourself. There’s a lot of things that can go wrong when it comes to tree surgery and modification. Sometimes, it’s best to bring in the professionals.

Don’t Kill Your Tree

Against the common wisdom, trees can be killed by something as simple as removing a large branch in the wrong place. As well as this you can leave the tree exposed to potentially deadly and damaging tree diseases, diseases that could even spread to other trees in yours and other nearby gardens. Tree surgeons understand the nature of their work, and appreciate how to care for a tree during and after the surgery. You really don’t want to lose what could be one of the defining features of your garden.

Big, Falling Branches

Let’s recap, you’re high up in your tree, hacking bits off, when you suddenly realise the part you’ve just cut off overhangs your garage slightly. Big, new, costly hole in your roof. This is not an unlikely circumstance, and due to the huge, splaying nature of trees, is pretty hard to avoid. Tree surgeons use techniques, climbing skill and planning to avoid this sort of mishap, so unless you’re prepared to do a lot of research and preparation, or else deal with big holes in your roofs, or the occasional destroyed car or fence, you should probably look at getting the professionals out.

Falling in General, Actually

When was the last time you actually climbed a tree? For most people, the answer is when they were a kid. You’re not a kid now. This could prove to be a very foolish endeavour. Think about how high you generally see tree surgeons climbing, to execute a good job. You don’t have the climbing harnesses or lightweight chainsaws they favour either. Falling from any kind of height, and the ensuing injuries are almost always going to be more costly than simply getting the pros out to your garden.

Making the Tree Look Good

Trees cut at strange angles, or with vast random swathes of branches and vegetation missing look strange and unbalanced and can spoil the look of your garden. While you might just get the job done, we can pretty much guarantee it will not look natural, at best. At worst it could be the garden equivalent of a terrible haircut. Either in need of a fresh cut, or taking a long while to grow out. Tree surgeons make a living from re-sculpting the overall shape of people’s trees, and leaving them looking natural and untouched is a key part of the work. It takes a degree of skill to be able to decide which branches to cut where, from an angle where you literally can’t see the forest for the trees, no matter how many instruction manuals and tutorials you read, you aren’t going to suddenly get this skill.